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February 12, 2021 Dressers Ideas

Very Fashionable 12 Inch Deep Dresser

The 12 inch deep dresser was initially pieces to keep everything necessary to properly serve the table. The truth is that he spent a few years in fashion and now he is resurfacing again. If you want to get more out of this piece of furniture, keep reading! In the decoration blog of here we teach you how to take advantage of it. And we tell you everything you need to know about this piece of furniture. Who does not remember a dresser attached to one of the walls and matching the rest of the furniture? The golden age, the 60s-70s, when it was a must in any dining room.

12 Deep Chest Of Drawers

12 Deep Chest Of Drawers

In the following decades it went out of fashion and for years it has been considered old-fashioned furniture, demodé. However, at this time we are witnessing a rebirth thanks to a complete update both in its design and its use. A sideboard is a low piece of furniture that usually does not exceed one meter in height and that has several drawers and / or one or several doors to store. Traditionally it was made of varnished wood, but nowadays we can find it in other cheaper materials, and also in different colors and finishes that allow it to adapt to any decorative style, from the most classic to the most modern.

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Image of: 12 Inch Deep Drawers
Image of: 12 Deep Chest Of Drawers
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The main function of a 12 inch deep dresser remains, of course, the storage function. The most usual thing is to store in it everything related to the table, in the purest traditional style: behind the doors the most colorful, the crockery and glassware; and in the drawers, the tablecloths, the cutlery … Of course if you are going to devote them to these necessities, you will have to place it in the dining room, near the table, this way you will avoid having to be moving this heavy and / or delicate material in long distances saving you effort and possible accidents.

But you can make it even more profitable by giving it other uses; for example, as an element to divide and separate the dining room and the living room. As it is small you will not reduce the visual amplitude of the space. And also you can use the countertop as a mini-cabinet or to leave some ornaments. The dressers have always seemed very practical furniture in the living room. And also give a more welcoming, in general all the auxiliary furniture.

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It can also be of great help in the kitchen, next to the office or as support for the cupboards. Can you imagine the relief you would have on the countertop if you use it to store all the mini-appliances (blender, toaster, juicer …)? And why not put it in the hall and use it to store the shoes? Thanks to the fact that the 12 inch deep dresser are a new trend. Now you can find them with very different designs and in multiple finishes. Such as in wood, in melamine, combining wood and lacquer. Always adapting it to the rest of the living room furniture!

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