The Best DIY Bed Frame With Storage

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DIY bed frame with storage – Many families are looking for ways to add storage space to their homes. Although shelves, storage units or closet organizers could be added, adding storage to a bedroom does not require additional pieces of furniture to occupy more space. The beds with integrated drawers below provide storage in the home that does not take up additional space. With a trip to the hardware store, you can successfully build your own bed with built-in drawers over a weekend.

DIY bed frame with storage ideas cut the wood for the frame of the bed with a circular saw. For the base of the bed, cut two 55 by 12 by 2 inches together and two 76 by 12 by 2 inches of ironing. Place a 1-inch dowel down from the top edge of one of the 76-inch plates. Align the fastening system along the length of the board 1 inch below the top edge of the board. Center it so it is not 3 inches from the board on each side of the end of the cue.

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Fix it in place with 2 inch nails. Place a nail every 6 inches below the length of the block. Hammer through the fixing system on the board. Place a second fixing system on the board. Place the second fastening system the same as the first staple, only 1 inch from the bottom edge. Fix it with more 2-inch nails every 6 inches. Then for DIY bed frame with storage, place the 1-inch staples on the top and bottom of the board and 3 inches from either end.

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