Stunning Davinci Kalani Combo Dresser

Mar 19th
Davinci Kalani Dresser Espresso
Davinci Kalani Dresser Espresso

We have proposed to detail to the maximum possible the options that exist of each piece of furniture that we can find in a house and we will not stop until we show them all. For now we have seen the dining tables , the secretaire , the television furniture and the bedside tables and today it is the turn of the davinci kalani combo dresser. A large piece of furniture that allows us to decorate a corner of the room to give more packaging at the same time that gives us a storage space. On previous occasions we saw how he was a great ally to place him behind the sofa when he is in the middle of the room.

Today we will see its different versions and finishes regardless of their situation. So, if you have not finished furnishing your house or maybe you are thinking of changing. Take note of the following aspects that will help you when selecting the sideboard that best fits your decoration. One of the first factors that we have to take into account is if we want our dresser to rest directly on the floor. Which implies greater storage capacity. Or if we prefer that it has legs that make it more stylized.

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And therefore a volume lighter the height of the legs will determine that of the frame that allows us to store objects. Since the maximum height of a standard davinci kalani combo dresser ranges between 75 and 85cm. Therefore, the more prominence given to the legs, the less storage space we will have. So if your floor is small and you are short of closets, we recommend the first option. When we look for lightness and weightlessness the solution is found in the suspended furniture; these give the impression of being floating and make them more ethereal.

Do not be afraid of putting weight on your dresser. You just have to follow the technical specifications where the maximum weight that the furniture admits. And have made sure that it has been properly anchored to the wall is reflected. Think that kitchen furniture is always suspend and is there forever. If you have not just been clear about suspending the furniture. Or you would like a middle ground between the aesthetics of the sideboards with legs and those anchored to the wall. Then there is a solution halfway. These are those that only have two supports in the front .

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These look especially when davinci kalani combo dresser can be seen also singing. So it is advisable that the side wall is at a distance from the furniture. Perfect for minimalists, their low height and width make them very pleasing to the eye. Although perhaps not so comfortable to access them daily. We recommend keeping the crockery in another piece of furniture and leaving it for less frequent objects. Its appearance resembles a TV bench. So its legs, which raise it from the ground, give it a touch of distinction and subtly differentiate it.

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