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2 Panel Interior Doors – There are usually skirting boards in all living spaces, except for the bathroom, where the panels are often replaced by half tile put up the wall. Most doors in the home has mountings, apart from the outer door, often completed with a joint and possible. a smaller list. An outer 2 panel interior doors may be completed with mountings. It is very different, there are frames around the windows. In older homes and buildings there are usually frames the windows with deep sills and glades.

Skirting boards are often made of pine but are also found in hardwoods such as oak, ash, beech, mahogany and merbau. In recent years it has become popular to create skirting of MDF, which is a cheaper option. The sheets are cut into strips for skirting boards, after which a profile is milled (pattern) in them. There are also skirting plastic. Some of the more modern skirting is hollow so that wires can be pulled hidden behind 2 panel interior doors. The most common skirting boards is about 16 mm wide and 65 mm high, the bottom and the top is cut obliquely.

Older skirting is in most cases widest at the bottom, where they cover the floor, and typically has a pattern or profile at the top. The panels are attached to the wall with screws or shot fixed with nails.

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