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Aug 3rd
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Nor is it necessary to spend a fortune because we can make them ourselves. Or use recycles elements to replace them. One way or another, you will surely find inspiration with these DIY ideas to renew the door and antique dresser handles. A DIY trick to give life to a shooter without changing it is decorating it. In the following image you can see one of the bedside tables that I have in our bedroom, the little aluminum-colored handle did not displease me but after eight years I was crying out for a new air. Being small did not allow me to decorate it internally, but I could do it externally, for this I made a decorative border with self-adhesive vinyl effect stainless steel.

The handle is the same but the decoration around it has completely changed the look of the bedside table. The best thing of all is that if in a few years I get bored again. I just have to take off the border and period. When I decide to recycle a library by adding some doors. And then transform it into a bathroom cabinet. I was doubtful about which shooter I was going to place and that the ones I like. Besides looking expensive, did not fit to the measures that I needed.

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On many occasions, when you do not find what you want, it is best to do it yourself. So I bought some aluminum profiles. Cut them with a jigsaw to the extent I need and stuck them on the edge of the doors with epoxy glue. Two components. In this way I got four custom-made antique dresser handles for the same price as a standard one that did not even fit me. There are many elements that we can recycle to use as drawer pulls and doors. Such as ropes, cork stoppers, old keys or a broken belt as in this case.

In the transformation of this chest of drawers. Then I decide to take a belt that had been broke by the buckle to cut it into three pieces. And then make the drawers of the drawers. Recycling will always be the most economical solution possible to renew the drawers of the drawers and door. And give them a unique and personal touch. I have always liked the handles more than the knobs for the kitchen doors. But I did not want to make new holes in the wood in case it changed them again in a few years.

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So it occurred to me that I could put the top part of the shooter in the hole that was already made. And in the bottom part (where it had no hole), place double-sided tape. In this way, if the screw on the top part is tighten correctly. And the bottom part of the handle is fixing with the self-adhesive tape. It will be fixing without having to make another hole. Instead of double-side self-adhesive tape you can also use glue but it will be more expensive to eliminate when you want to change the antique dresser handles (although it could be achieved with a solvent).

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