Romance with a Distressed Wood Dresser Look

Aug 2nd
Grey Distressed Wood Dresser
Grey Distressed Wood Dresser

You can break all rules with painting when it comes to creating a romance with a distressed wood dresser look. Place random dings and scratches in suits with a hammer and scratch. Instead of grinding the dresser smoothly before painting, just sand the edges down to bare wood. Choose a light paint color like blue, red or yellow and use a steel brush to paint the chest of drawers, including the edges. After the paint dries, re-expose three edges with sandpaper. This process is very fast and lets you make a desperate look at the edges to compliment a deliberately structured paint job.

Distressed furniture is often used in homes or rustic-style of vintage. This antique furniture is seen because the paint finish has been distressed. One of the most common forms of relief furniture is sanding certain “worn” areas of the piece. Sanding reveals the wood or paint below the top coat of paint. You can dress your distressed furniture by first painting it red, and then painting it black. When the edges of the furniture are in difficulty, the red paint will peek through the black paint finish. If you want to show some color or you are working on a new piece of furniture, take a tip from the paint professionals and add a moisturizer.

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Distressed wood dresser furniture has a special charm that works very well indoors ranging from shabby elegance to industrial consumers to the contemporary. If you do not have the luxury of waiting a couple of decades for your furniture in a natural anguish, it is easy to give it the look with some simple decorative painting techniques using chalk, petroleum jelly and wax. With its cracked finish revealing underlying layers of paint, the furniture may seem like an inheritance. Only you will know your true age.

Creating a distressed paint almost always requires the grinding of furniture at some point; when that step happens depends on the annoying technique you are using. For a simple, distressed paint, wipe down furniture then paint it with a single layer of latex paint. When the paint is almost dry, sand the piece with sandpaper or steel wool in areas that would normally be worn with age, such as edges and around the keyhole, for a more authentic look. Other items, such as screwdrivers, Emery boards and small scrapers can also be used for emergency hard to reach locations.

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If you like shabby-chic look or want to add some rustic appeal to your home, consider using a paint treatment or technique that creates a distressed wood dresser finish on a new dresser or the old furniture hiding in the attic. A distressed finish can be achieved in several ways. If grinding alone does not lead the distressed look you want, add some wax. Pasta with a brush is applied with a short brush after grinding creates a smoother, smoother appearance. But remember, the darker the spot, the shimmering look. Dark spots should be used on top of dark-colored paint and light spots should be applied to brighter paint colors.

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