Repaint Antique White Dresser

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If we have a piece of an antique white dresser that we have tired of its appearance or that does not combine with other furniture or that we simply want to change the design, we can renew it giving it another totally different aspect. For this, we can use several techniques, such as wallpapering, decorating with templates, and we can also make the technique of aged white paint.

White pickling or Provencal white, which is a painting technique to age it and leave it precious, as we will see then. If the furniture is in wood color or any other color, we will have to paint it white and before, apply a coat of primer that is also white. If the antique white dresser is already painted white, no need to paint, go to the second step directly. To paint the furniture white, first, we sand it gently to open the pore to the wood, paint or varnish it has.

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It is necessary to remove the gloss of the varnish, to leave it matt. Once sanding, we clean it thoroughly by removing all the dust and dirt with a damp cloth, and apply a coat of white sealant and let the sealer dry for at least 12 hours. Now we take matt white enamel antique white dresser. You can use enamel to water or solvent. We recommend that you use the solvent because it is more resistant.

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