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Reclaimed wood paneling – Reclaimed wood or wood is in high demand because its boundless profits compared with the new green wood or non wood or experienced. The obvious benefits, protection of nature and the environment were the main reasons for choosing reclaimed wood. This is what we get when great trees, mature, developed the heart of the wood. Rod wood is dense, solid and dark wood, which is located in the center of the tree.

Old heartwood does not play a role in maintaining the functioning of the system or the tree of life, not to provide nutrients and water from the soil into the branches and leaves. Wood stem dry and hard, stable from the outer layer. Interestingly, this sweet smelling and have a wealth of attractive colors, which are impossible to find in new trees and UN cooked. Reclaimed wood paneling has a remarkable quality that is found in no other type of wood; they can be used again on the Interior of the House and furniture.

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Reclaimed wood from the wooden beams and the floor may come from an old barn in buildings, factories and warehouses. Interior Designer and architect of this rich and the smell of the wood, wood is the most important historical and antique value. It is used in architecture and modern interior reclaimed wood paneling design and a classic like the floor, side panels, wooden cabinets and furniture.

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