Queen Platform Bed Frame With Drawers Ideas

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Queen platform bed frame with drawers – Build it yourself is much cheaper than buying one and allows you to be creative as you choose a color, wood species and patterns of the drawers. How to build a queen platform bed frame with drawers. Make sure to have the measurements or mattress you should be able to determine the future of bed. The base board will need to be about one and a half bigger than the mattress so the boxes are easily accessible and inches.

After that to build a queen platform bed frame with drawers, obtain box boxes first. The two side panels will be slightly longer than the front and back of the box. For a queen or king-sized bed, use six drawers, three on each side. You can find funky or stylish drawer fronts with handle. Start constructing the base of the bed where the boxes will slip back. This will be the wooden frame that will support the mattress. Use bed risers to create more space under your bed for larger boxes. Measure this space, and then move the bed to the side so you can determine the context.

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Queen platform bed frame with drawers ideas, use the four thick, hearty pieces of wood for the frame. Make sure these are higher when the boxes so the drawers slide in and out easily. Screw these four pieces together, and then use another thick sturdy piece to go over the middle of the frame. Make smaller cross section of wooden planks, about half the size of the frame pieces, to go over the inside of the frame. This will be the part that supports the drawers. Certainly a long way in the middle of the frame, so that the robust center it creates a cross-like shape.

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