Paint Interior of Six Panel Doors

Jun 26th
Stylish Six Panel Doors
Stylish Six Panel Doors

Six panel doors can be horizontal, arts and crafts or Victorian style, early American colonial or modern. The doors are usually solid core, especially the elderly, so they dampen noise better than modern hollow cores doors. The panels, visible on both sides, are raised square or rectangular, surrounded by narrow frames and insert into the door, fill the area between the top rails and the side catches of the door. To paint the inside of a six-panel front door, it is best to remove it from the frame or paint it before installation.

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How to paint interior of six panel doors, set the door, inside side up and all hardware removed, on two saw horses in a work area or garage. Place a dust sheet or tarpaulin under the door. Wash or dry down the door and sand any rough areas or grits paint. Dust up dust or chips of old paint. Paint the door with a layer of acrylic primer. Use a light color if you are planning a light coat. Paint the panels first and make sure not to paint the pool in the frames around the panels.

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After that to paint interior of six panel doors, paint each flat panel, then work the brush along the frame without dipping it into the paint again. If the paint does not pool along the edge of a panel between the panel and its frame, remove the excess by thinning the common paint with a small dry brush – feather away from the center of the panel. Wipe dry brush on paper or a clean cloth to remove the paint between the thinner strokes.

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