Outdoor Wall Lamp Ideas

May 3rd
Rustic Outdoor Wall Lamp
Rustic Outdoor Wall Lamp

Outdoor Wall Lamp connects to existing wiring the circuits in your home easier than you might think. Most modern bets are mounting brackets, which are designed to fit into an existing wall aldose. Then hold the fixture so you do not have to try to fit the fixture to the box. Almost all existing wall fixtures, such as electric scans, can easily be replaced with a new wall lamp, and then controlled with the same wall switch. Cut the current to the existing fixture, from the house circuit box. Remove the existing fixture by removing the screws that secure it to the electrical box in the wall and connect the wires. If it is a mounting bracket attach the electrical box, remove it as well. Let the cables from the wall lantern hang loose.

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Locate the mounting bracket that came with the Outdoor Wall Lamp kit and attach it to the electrical box on the wall using the supplied screws. Pull the wires out through the center of the bracket. (Note: Brackets are designed to fit over conventional electric boxes.) Bring your new wall light device near the cabinet, so the cables from the lamp are near the wires from the box. Hold the black cable from wall light next to the black cable from the wall so that the bare ends of both leads are side by side and point in the same direction. Twist a thread over the two cables clockwise until it is tight. Linda the connection in electric tape.

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Locate the white cable from the fixture and white cable from the box, and connect them in the same way as you did the black wires. Loop copper earth cable from the wall around the green earth screw located inside the fixture. Tighten the earth screw to hold the thread in place. Tuck wire connections in the cabinet and push the fixture against the mounting bracket attached to the drawer. Attach the Outdoor Wall Lamp to the bracket, using the screws that came with the kit. Turn on the power and test the light. If the wiring in your home then you gets before the 1980s, contact your home improvement store to make sure the fixture you buy does not carry more power than your system can handle. Never work on an electrical circuit with power on.

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