Old Dresser Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Mar 14th
Wonderful Dresser Bathroom Vanity
Wonderful Dresser Bathroom Vanity

An old dresser bathroom vanity can still be used properly, instead of being stored or managed as spam. With some changes and a fine paint you can turn an old chest of drawers into a vanity, complete with plenty of room for the many items that can interfere with a bathroom counter. Below are the steps describing how to make a bathroom vanity from an old dresser. Check out how the disks fit into the dresser. The sink can either be placed in the center or on one side of the office. The position depends on where the sink is located. Copy the shape of the sink and transfer it to the top of the chest of drawers. Get the measurement for plumbing connections and transfer the measurements to the back of the dresser. Double-check all measurements and the shape of the sink before cutting your chest. Drill a hole on the top of the chest of drawers and use a jigsaw to cut out the shape of the sink. Cut out the holes for water and sewers this way as well.

The top drawer of the dresser bathroom vanity may need to be removed to provide room for the bottom of the sink and drainage pipe. Separate the box parts from the box faces. You need the box to cover the spaces previously used by the boxes. You can attach the drawer permanently to the drawer or you can look for smaller trays metal mesh that fits into the cavities and attach them to the back of the drawer faces. Connect the drawer to the chest of drawers with removable hinge.

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Turn off the water from the main source. Take the faucet fixtures, loosen the drainage pipe and remove the sink. Sand the office to easily remove old color. Use paint to paint dresser bathroom vanity. Put any decoration you want to add to the chest of drawers before installing it in place. Enamel color will protect the chest from the moisture in the bathroom. If the dressing color is still in good condition and you want to keep it, spray the dresser with polyurethane. It will seal smaller cracks and protect the wood.

If you want to include a marble or granite worktops over the chest of drawers, the shop has cut to the size of the chest top and cut out the shape of the sink to match the cut out of the office. Fit the worktop on the chest of drawers. Put the silicone sealant around the edge of the cut-out part before releasing the sink in the hole. The dense will seal the edge of the sink around the sink and prevent zinc from moving. Make sure you have checked the level of the sink before the caulk dries up.

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Install the plumbing and drainage pipe and turn on the water. Check for leakage and tighten connections. If the chest of drawers does not fit the other interior of your bathroom, replace them with something that is more complementary or the same as handles of other cabinets inside the bathroom. If the agency is lower than the height of zinc, attach meters to the agency or build a stand, so that the agency will fit tight to the sink. A loose agency may change during use and may cause stress on the water pipes. A solution to eliminate this problem is to attach the back of the chest to the wall.

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