New Ideas for Updating Distressed Dressers

Feb 16th
White Distressed Dresser
White Distressed Dresser

Updating a chest of drawers is as easy as picking up a brush. Before you get rid of an old distressed dressers, consider the options to paint it with a fresh new look. Lacquer comes in a variety of textures and colors that can make a chest of drawers in a bedroom hold a room or even a kitchen. You do not have to spend a lot of time or money finishing furniture. Sometimes a little paint or wax is all you need. If you are decorating a bedroom, or re-decorating, look at the dresser as a focal point, not just a place to store your underwear. It can transform an old dresser or found with imagination.

If the dressing room is unpainted and made of a nice teak wood, give it a little TLC. The hardware and clean well. Sand gently to lift the grain, followed by a layer or two of tung oil to highlight the grain of the wood. Or try a final restoration product or wax. Change the hardware for a new look. A sheet of clear glass on top protects and adds a reflective surface to the room. A surprise inside, paint the bottom of the drawers of a bright color. If the changer has trim, use a fine brush and black or white paint to highlight it. If the dresser is already painted, use the old paint as the basis for a distressed finish. Sand, clean and repaint the sideboard.

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When dry, use a coarse sandpaper or steel wool along the edges and handles, which are areas that will wear out. This treatment reveals the old paint, giving it a very well worn look. It can also disturb the hardware with a sandpaper or steel wool, followed by a bit of dark stain. If the changer has laminate distressed dressers, you can still change. Use rough coarse sandpaper to the surface, followed by a primer formulated for laminates. The primer adheres to the slippery surface of the laminate so you can paint any color you want.

Apply the primer and paint with small rollers to obtain a smooth finish without brushstrokes. With a little more effort, you can make a dresser for other furniture. For example, remove the doors from a dresser, divide the space with shelves and add wicker baskets that can slide out. Or use baskets as drawers in a bookstore. If the top of a dresser is also damaged, replace it with a new one. Reuse a small double pedestal desk as a vanity by a large mirror with mounting frame on the back.

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Give a chest of drawers an elegant and modern look with a high gloss finish in white or black. Apply spray paint or use a smooth sponge roller to convey a single texture. For a modern theme in brighter colors, choose gray, beige or sage green with a matte finish. The key to a professional looking matte finish is prepping your suits with a thorough grinding job. Start with medium sandpaper and finish with fine sandpaper before painting your distressed dressers. Choose matt or flat spray paint and be sure to apply evenly to continuity and solid appearance.

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