Multifunctional Changing Table Dresser Combo

Feb 20th
White Changing Table Dresser Combo
White Changing Table Dresser Combo

A changing table dresser combo is a table, which is usually found in a baby’s room, which is configured as a place to change diapers. While it is possible to buy a table created specifically for that purpose, many parents choose instead of using a piece of furniture that can serve two purposes. Some give up a table altogether. Create a space for your baby that is multifunctional and versatile by getting creative with changing table for your baby. Change your baby in closet. Some of new parents choose to use top of a long, comfortable six-drawer as a changing table.

Many baby supply stores sell cushions that can be placed directly on top of wooden sideboards and fastened with straps. Diapers, wipes and other supplies can be kept in a basket next to mattress or in one of top drawers of dresser. Not only use of a dresser as a table to change diapers, save space in a small nursery, but when baby grows, changing platform or cushion can be removed, allowing upper part of dresser to be used for exhibition or storage. Change your baby on floor. Why try to keep your baby insured at a high table when she is much safer on floor? This is especially true when baby starts to walk and spends most of his time trying to get out of reach.

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Some parents choose to use a basket as a change station, forgoing a table to change completely. Fill basket with diapers, wipes and a changing vinyl pad that can be cleaned, and you have an instant and portable changing table dresser combo that can be carried with you from one room to another. Lift your baby’s legs with one hand and with other undo dirty diaper, bend it and, unless it is completely passed, do not remove it , it will help you not to dirty new one while you clean rear and genital area of your baby. Use wet wipes or wet cotton to clean well.

Then, and especially if child defecated, place cream to prevent diaper rash. If it’s not too cold, it’s a good idea to let baby’s bottom air dry. Once ready, lower your baby’s legs and fasten new diaper well. Notice that tapes are well attached, so you avoid contents of diaper can escape. Most important areas are those of hips. Elastic part must be tight between your legs. With baby ready, re-dress it , with a body will always be easier and, place it in a safe place before cleaning remains of diaper, wet towels and cotton.

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There are specially created containers to absorb odors, although it is best to leave them in trash as soon as possible. Disinfect table to change diapers and, wash small mats regularly, you can use disinfectant towels. Changing table dresser combo is not so difficult, although there are times when your child goes through and, process will end in bathtub and with a complete change of clothes, both for baby and for those who changed that diaper that overflows poop.

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