Make Your Own Affordable Door Panel Curtain

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Making your door panel curtain can save you thousands of dollars if you buy it in a local and pay the installation. Although many doors work with an automatic rail, you can make a cheap alternative that slides or opens sideways. This will allow you to build your door with a personalized look that meets your needs for a fraction of the cost.

Barn door curtain

If you do not need an automatic door panel curtain, consider installing a sliding barn door. This door will add decoration to your house and will work well if you have a country house. Build the door with wood and attach a sliding rail so you can open it. The bright red color will enhance the barn look of your door. The door will slide to an outer side of the front panel of your garage.

Door with panels

Make your home garage door using antique joinery with built-in panels. It starts with a plywood base and forms two doors. Screw the cabinet doors that have the panels to the wooden doors, this will give you architectural details. Add hinges. Sand and paint the doors with the color you want. As you are working with wooden doors, you can dye them to give them a better look.

A very cheap option for the door panel curtain of your garage is to install a roller blind. This will cover the area after the car stops inside the garage. When you do not need this separating barrier, roll it up.


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