Make Vinyl Sliding Basement Windows Easier

Jun 25th
Vinyl Sliding Basement Windows

Clean your vinyl sliding basement windows. If you have casement windows, slide them open for easier access to the tracks, as well as the inner liner or frame where the window slides open and closed. If your windows are single-hung or double-hung, tilt them inward. For vinyl windows tilted, clean the vinyl liner tracks and the edges of the window frame by using a dry cloth to remove dirt, dust and debris. For dust and more stubborn dirt, use a vacuum. For mildew, excessive dirt build-up that the vacuum can’t get rid of, and molds, use a cleaning solution. Opt for either a vinegar solution (1 1/2 cups vinegar to 1 gallon of hot water) or a shampoo solution (1 teaspoon baby shampoo to 1 gallon of hot water). Get a cloth, dip it in the cleaning solution, and wipe away. Use clean water to rinse the vinyl, and then use a towel to dry it off.

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Next ideas to make vinyl sliding basement windows easier are with Lubricate your vinyl windows. Spray window lubricant onto a rag or cloth, and wipe it onto the tracks and along the jamb liner (where the sash slides to open and close). Avoid directly spraying lubricant onto the window. Aside from leaving an unsightly mark on your glass, it will also leave greasy residue on your vinyl. The mark is permanent while the residue is quite difficult to remove. Put everything back in place. For double hung-windows, tilt back them in. For horizontal windows, reinstall the sash on the sliders. Open and close your window a few times to evenly spread the lubricant on the jamb liner and tracks, and see if it is sliding better. If not, apply more lubricant.

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Make Vinyl Sliding Basement Windows Easier – vinyl windows, though considered low-maintenance windows but that still require cleaning and occasional lubrication to keep them functioning optimally. As dust and debris accumulate over time, your vinyl window might become increasingly harder to open and close. Don’t wait until your window becomes almost inoperable (doesn’t slide at all) before doing what needs to be done as this will not only be inconvenient for you, it might even cost you unnecessary expenses when repair will be needed, instead of simple do-it-yourself cleaning and lubrication.

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