Installing New Basement Storm Door

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Secures the frame with screws into the door frame by way of the drilling equipment. Tips & Warnings: Storm doors can be obtained at a house improvement store, Lowe’s or Home Depot. If you don’t measure the angle of the door sill storm door cannot open and close.

Put the basement storm door hinge railing on sawhorses and cut at on the rail. Pre-drill holes at the framework for mounting screws. Put a pit every eight inches along the railing.  Place storm door of sawhorses and fasten the railing to the side of the door with screws with the drilling machine’s assistance. Put the storm door at the door frame.

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Basement storm door – Beginning with measure height and the width of the doorway. Make a note and buy a storm door which matches the dimensions.  2nd set two sawhorses close where you intend to install storm door.  Third Place a square on the base of the door sill and the edge of the door frame. Transfer quantified from the square into the storm door hinge railroad by placing a mark on the rail with a pencil.

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