Ideas for Painting a Children’s Chest of Arts And Crafts Dresser

May 12th
Liberty Arts And Crafts Dresser
Liberty Arts And Crafts Dresser Ideas

Arts and crafts dresser – The dressers are furniture that is no longer used as much as before, but almost all of us have one and almost certainly that dresser. Unless we have bought it on purpose recently, it is also old. If so, and that old dresser clashes with the decoration of your home, it can become a great opportunity to decorate and make it fit with the decor. The most expensive dresser on the furniture store the floor must not impress your children or bring them any special enjoyment.

On the other hand, find a flea market, dragged down and painted to reflect your child’s interests and color preferences, will add both a personal contact and interest to their rooms. So, you can decorate the arts and crafts dresser with paint. Children who are old enough can help make decisions about how to paint the chest of drawers and participate in the project. Multicolored makeover; a quick solution for a chest of dresser drawers is to go for a multicolored look. For a two-tone look, choose either light free colors (like purple and yellow). Or use two tones of the same shade as rose and pink.

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Male dresses brighter shades and draws the darker color as they will get more wear. For a chest of drawers with more drawers, you can go to a rainbow effect that goes so far around the color wheel. As you have drawers-red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Decoupage; make a personal chest of drawers with cuts reflects your child’s interests. In his book, “Just Junk,” Linda Barker proposes to use a wide variety of fabrics and papers, decoupage on a chest of drawers. First, paint the chest of drawers a light color like light blue or slightly yellow.

Collect the cuts you want to use, and these could be: fabric flowers or fairy princesses, paper carvings of cartoon characters, animals, sports equipment or cars, or cutting out parts of your child’s colorful drawings. Place these with white glue, top with multiple layers of decoupage medium (available at craft stores), and finish the project with a layer of polyurethane. Stripes, stars and dots; adding a pattern to a newly painted dresser can make it the key point in the room. Use the templates tape to mask off sections for stripes. Use a chalk or pencil to draw around a small jar lid before filling with paint to form dots.

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If you want to use other patterns like stars, make a cutout pattern from cardboard and draw around it before painting. Painting arts and crafts dresser drawers with different patterns in a crazy-quilt look is an idea Mickey Basket proposes in “Fabulous Painted Furniture.” Paint pens; paint pens provide a more controlled approach to decorating a painted dresser, the use of them is similar to drawing with a marker. Use paint pens in contrast colors to write the child’s name on trays, type the name of a drawer, paint the name in handwriting on another, and use capital letters on a third. Other ideas include painting in numbers or letters in the alphabet. Paint pens are available at hobby shops and many paint shops.

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