Ideas for Install Wood Picket Fence Panels

Aug 15th
Wood Picket Fence Panels Ideas
Wood Picket Fence Panels Style

Wood picket fence panels make your fence construction project easy and fast. Depending on the size and type of panel, vertical planks or pickets are attached to two or three horizontal rails in large templates to ensure the panels are straight and square. To build a fence using pre-built panels, fence posts are first installed with the same spacing as the width of the panel. A simple trick of the builder fence is used to ensure that the tops of the panels are level and form a straight, continuous line for a professional looking finish.

Tie a rope around the pole of the corner fence at the level that is intended to position the lower edge of the top rail of the fencing panel. Extend the chain past fence posts adjacent to the next corner post. Hang a line level in the chain. Raise or lower the rope until it is horizontal. Tie the rope to the corner post. And then mark each post with a pencil line on the chain crosses. Remove the rope and the line level. Count the number of wood picket fence panels. You have to cut a support block 6 inches long for each station.

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Place the support blocks on a flat surface with their 4-inch horizontal surfaces. Drill pilot holes near the four corners of each block, about 1 inch from the corners of the blocks. And then insert a wooden screw into each pilot hole. Then use a drill and a driving wick to screw each wood screw about 1 inch into the block. Place the first support block on the first wood picket fence panels. Align the upper edge of the support block to the reference line described on the post. Align the sides of the support block on the sides of the entrance fence. Then use a drill and a short drive to firmly secure the block to the post. Repeat this procedure to install a support block on the reference line drawn on each post.

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