Ideas for Install Stockade Fence Panels

Mar 21st
Wood Stockade Fence Panels
Wood Stockade Fence Panels

Stockade fence panels provide security, as well as privacy, by providing a complete enclosure up to 6 feet in height. Pre-built fence panels have made the project easier and less expensive for some time. The installation of the panels consists of the planning of the fence site and the establishment of fence posts in the appropriate places. The project is framed within the capabilities of the majority of doing things themselves with standard woodworking tools and skills. Ideas for install stockade fence panels, to rethink the fence plan. Stakes in the corners or ends of the planned wall project. Stretch the carpenter’s chain between the stakes to define the wall project.

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Add stakes that mark the location of the line poles. Place these fence posts with spacing equal to the length of the fencing stockade fence panels. Holes of push fence post in each subsequent location. Dig holes at least 2 feet deep, but preferably 3 feet deep. Set the messages in the hole and use stakes and braces to hold the straight message in both vertical orientations. Fill the hole with concrete to ground level. Form a concrete mound around the post with the highest levels at the post to promote moisture fleeing the post. Allow the cement to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Attach a palisade panel to a pole in the corner of the fence with a 3-inch deck screw. The edge of the fence panel should be in the center of the line post. Use a 4-foot carpenter’s level to horizontally level the stockade fence panels. Attach the panel to the corner and the subsequent arrangement with a 3-inch screw cover every 12 inches along the height of the pole. And measure message locations carefully. If the subsequent placement is off, even 2 inches of the palisade panel will not fit properly allowing two panels to connect at each line station. Check the local zoning regulations regarding the fence placement.

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