Ideas for 6 Drawer Dresser with Mirror

May 7th
Malm 6 Drawer Dresser With Mirror
Malm 6 Drawer Dresser With Mirror

How beautiful are 6 drawer dresser with mirror! Well, taking these pieces as a reference and using very few materials and tools we will create a dresser drawer, in addition, it is a very practical piece of furniture, with a drawer in which we can store lots of things. And we will put some wheels that will allow us to move it easily when it comes to cleaning tasks. To carry out this work, we will use DM board, 17 mm thick for the structure of the furniture and 10 mm for the drawer. This is a very easy material to work with, so we can cut the pieces ourselves with the circular saw or with the jigsaw; but if we want to advance work, we can ask that we cut them to the extent we need in our DIY center.

The assembly of the 6 drawer dresser with mirror will be divided into two parts: on the one hand we will make the exterior structure of the furniture and, on the other, the interior drawer. As the unions will be with tourbillion, we make the holes in the pieces of DM with the help of a guide to epigram, the drill, a drill of 8 mm of diameter and a stop of depth. Next, we give mounting adhesive in the holes and edges of the two side pieces and the back. We introduce the tourbillions with the wooden mallet.

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Once the three pieces are joined in a “U” shape, place the top cover and then the bottom cover. To do this work we will use the wooden mallet and a martyr to avoid damaging the DM when hitting. Come now with the drawer. At the time of acquiring the guides we will have to take into account that the drawer has to enter the hollow of the structure of the furniture. In addition, the pieces of DM that we will use for the drawer are of a thickness finer than that of the structure. We make the holes in the pieces, to be able to join them, with the drill, a bit, a depth stop and a guide to glean.

The assembly of the 6 drawer dresser with mirror is the same as that of the structure. As the pieces are thinner we will use tourbillions of 5 millimeters in diameter. Apply adhesive, introduce the tubes and fit the pieces. We also make the holes to place the handle or handle and the corresponding holes to join the front cover to the drawer. Present the metal piece in the drawer and mark the points to be drilled, coinciding with the ones we already have in the front of the drawer. We put two plastic plugs in the ends of the handle that we introduce with a nylon hammer.

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We will also cut three equal pieces, from the same bar with which we have made the handle, which will serve to separate the handle from the drawer and allow us to pull the handle more comfortably when opening the drawer. We drilled three holes in the handle with the drill and a metal drill. Since the DM is very porous, we will give a topcoat product before varnishing, thus saving varnish. We will apply the product with a pallet and, when it has dried, we varnish the entire piece of furniture with a bright colorless varnish. We advise you to apply varnish in one direction only to avoid leaving marks.

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