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Dresser with mirror IKEA – Through the many redesigns of bedroom furniture-from traditional to modern mirror and chest of drawers combination remains a design standard. Even though they are often seen as a piece of paper, the mirror is often linked to back gowns. Attach the mirror to a chest of drawers with hardware or wood support. You can maximize the power of an antique chest of drawers by decorating it with period furniture or by giving it a subtle update with new hardware and accessories. This ensures that the mirror is placed in the middle of the chest of drawers and will not slip away from the weight of its glass and frame Hardware is used to attach a mirror on the back of a chest of drawers giving both support to its weight and stability to the mirror frame.

Flat fitting plates are screwed into the mirror frame at one end and into the back of the suits at the other end. The best brackets will support the weight of the mirror more through their thickness and size. The best shape of your mirror’s frame determines whether a flat, straight, T-shape and straight bracket will work best to support your mirror. Line up your mirror with the back edge of your chest of drawers and place it in the middle of your dresser with mirror IKEA width. Make sure your mirror is balanced and level, both side to side and front to rear. The mirror should not lean back or forth, and both sides should rest on the chest of drawers. This is a two-person task to keep the mirror in place as it is screwed to the chest of drawers.

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Wood and screws an alternative to using metal fittings is to use wooden strips to attach the mirror to the chest of drawers. Cut two, four feet pieces of 1 by 2 inch wood strips. Half of the edge zones vertical lengths will be attached to the mirror and the other half to the back of the dresser use wooden screws.  Position the mirror in place on the chest of drawers and measure the width of the mirror frame. Mark two vertical ends of the mirror frame on the back of the chest of drawers. This will mark the position to attach the tree supports.

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Line up 2 feet of the tree strip on the back of the dresser with mirror IKEA, with the 2 other feet of the forest support going up. Screw the ribbon to the chest of drawers with 1/4 inch or 1½-inch wooden screws. Line up the mirror for the tree to strip and secure the tree supports with screws.  Or screw the tree back on the back of the mirror first and then place the mirror with its support wooden strips on the chest of drawers. When the mirror is centered on the chest of drawers, screw the lower half of the backrest on the back of the chest of drawers. With the mirror attached to the chest of drawers, place it against or away from a wall without worrying about the mirror falling.