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Aug 10th
Small Dog Fence Panels
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Small Dog Fence – I was in the middle of a fishing trip last week and I got a panic call from a woman with a visible dog fence system. He told me that his system sounded and he could not stop it. He further explains that he cannot get anyone on the phone at the dealer unless someone says they can schedule a service call and they will come and fix it. As he talked further he revealed that he had already plucked it and it still went off and it made him crazy. He did not use the system because his dog had died more than 2 years ago.

The woman told me that she had called several different Looks Dog dealers she found online and nobody was willing to help her to stop the beep. As a formally educated entrepreneur, I find the attitude of the visible small dog fence dealers to be too general and utterly disgraceful. They look blind to provide service to their customers unless they can make another dollar. Now consider the Invisible dog fence system is the most expensive on the market you would expect for an additional price that they will bend backward to help their clients. Unfortunately, that does not happen very often and quite often seems quite the opposite. The more it costs less the “added value” service you receive. If I do not give the black eye industry like that, I will not care.

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Well back to the subject at hand. The unit goes off after it is unplug. Well, that beep requires power. If unplugged it must have additional resources, such as a battery backup. I asked him to describe what cable he saw connected to the unit that reads. There was a green ground wire, and there was also. A black and red wire together that went to another larger square box on the wall next to the transmitter. This is the battery backup that he needs to disconnect. Most unseen dealers small dog fence are happy to sell battery backups as they make extra income for them even though it’s not very practical in most applications. I instructed him that he needed to unplug the combination of black and red wires by simply holding it close to the unit and pulling. Small plastic stoppers slipped off and the beep stopped.

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