How to Season Kids Wooden Bench

Apr 9th
Work Kids Wooden Bench
Work Kids Wooden Bench

Kids Wooden Bench can take several decades of care and care. But if you do not season or seal wood surfaces before use, mold and bacteria can invade wood. Fortunately, spice countertops are simple and inexpensive. Mineral oil is the most recommended finish for wood surfaces that will be used for cooking or chopping. Or consider Tung oil with shiny surface, if your counter tops will become more decorative. Use a cabinet scraper to prepare a bench. Scrape from six to eight inches at once, and sweep away chips with a brush as you go. Whether you use heavy oil or mineral oil, reuse once a month or when wood appears to be dry. Be generous when applying the first coat. Untreated wood will initially absorb a surprising amount of oil.

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Wipe the sink clean with please cloth. Be sure to remove all dust and small chips. When oil is applied, the particles will be harder to get rid of. Pour a small amount of oil on the Kids Wooden Bench and spread with a clean cloth. Repeat until the entire disc is covered with an even layer of oil. Look for dry spots as you work. Open grain will absorb more oil. Wait until the bench is dry when touched. This can take from one to six hours. Apply a second layer of oil. Let the second layer to sit overnight. Remove excess oil with household paper or lint-free cloth. When dry, the surface is ready to use.

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Tips and warnings

Wood countertops will tolerate heat better than most synthetic kitchen surfaces, but they will sweat. No matter what treatment you use, do not place hot pans directly on your Kids Wooden Bench. You may not know about cabinet scrapers. They are available online and through most woodworking supply directories. They provide a much smoother surface than even the finest sandpaper and cost only a few dollars. It’s well worth the money to get one and have it on hand for projects that require a nice finish. Do not use linseed oil on any cooking surface. If you use heavy oil to seal your Kids Wooden Bench, allow it to dry thoroughly before placing any food directly on the surface.


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