How to Replace the Dresser Drawer Pulls

Jul 30th
Dresser Drawer Pulls With Backplate
Dresser Drawer Pulls With Backplate

Dresser drawer pulls – Dresser drawer pulls are usually solid knots or solid pulling handles. They attach to the front of the drawer with a screw or two, depending on the type of move. Over time the commode pull gets loose due to wear. When the draw gets loose, it is necessary to make adjustments to tighten the draw to the drawer. Fixing the chest of drawers can be a simple process or may need to be changed depending on the condition of the screw that holds it in place. Meanwhile, a dresser’s drawer might pull more design pull than you realize. Switching one style for another can change the decor is.

And even room-vibe from vintage glam to stylish masculine, or from the country chic to cool modern, for example. Two standard dresser drawer pulls types are single-hole knots and double-hole handles. The handle holes may be clogged or farther apart, depending on the hardware style. Use an old draw to the size of replacement hardware properly. Including the area handles cover – you want to make sure that they hide any recesses or finishing errors in drawer fronts. If you plan to replace two-hole handles with a whole knob or vice versa, the project is a bit more involved.

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Step 1, open a drawer wide enough to comfortably now pull the screws inside. Tips: if it is difficult to get inside the upper drawers, remove them from the suits and place them on a table or on the floor. Step 2; unscrew traction from inside the drawer. Using dominant hand to operate a screwdriver while keeping pulling the other side for stability. Step 3; screw the new cover in place using the screws it came with or original screws, if fitted. Cut new screws to the correct length, if necessary, using a thread cutter. Replace remaining traces in the same way. Warning: close each drawer as you go, so that the suits do not get in front of heavy and rolled.

You need: screwdriver, wire cutter, two-hole styles for one or vice versa. Step 1; remove dresser drawer pulls and screws. Step 2; fill all pull holes with three filler, with your finger or a sparkle. Allow the filler to dry overnight. Step 3; sand the filled areas smooth, using 150 sandpaper. Remove the dust with a damp cloth. Step 4; move the abrasive areas to match the chest of drawers. For example with primer and paint or stain. Tips: Matching a finish can be difficult. Consider reloading the whole piece or just drawer fronts for a new look.

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Step 5; find the center or points for each new knot is simple hole or handle its double hole. These by measuring down and across each drawer. Mark the centers, with a pencil. Step 6; drill holes for pulling screws. These by using a piece of size recommended on the packaging – typically 3/16. Step 7; hold pull in place with one hand as you attach the screws from the inside of the drawer with the other. You need: Wood filler150 sand sandpaper, rag, primer and paint or stain, measuring tape, pencil, drill and drill bit, screwdriver.

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