How to Repair Dog Fences

Apr 26th
Square Dog Fences
Square Dog Fences

Dog fences is designed to be a safe haven for your pet. They are given an area where they can run and play without supervision. They are protected from many of the dangers that lurk outside their property. You will not have to worry about them being attacked by another animal, being hit by a car or attacking another person or another pet. A dog fence gives you peace of mind while providing a safe place to play. In order to provide this type of protection, regular maintenance is necessary. If the fence is made of wood, start by removing the rotten or damaged parts. Use a saw to cut the affected area away, making sure it cuts evenly through. This will make it easier to re-install the new wood.

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Then, nail a 2 x 4 through the top and bottom of the gap that will be used as support for new wood. If the space is large, nail a 2 x 4 in the middle to get more help. Then, cut the new dog fences to the correct size and use it to cover the gap. Nail or screw the support 2 x 4. The nails should be of a size that go half way through the joints, but do not come at the other end. They should not be too big or they will split the wood, causing more damage. Use the saw for the size of new wood to replace old, damaged wood that you have removed. They should fit inside like pieces of a puzzle.

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Continue to go around the perimeter of the dog fences, nailing the new wood to the support beams in the broken areas. Then, remove the broken pieces of wood and replace the new ones safely. Clean and make sure there are no nails or screws out there that could be picked up by a lawnmower or stepped on by you or your pet. Dispose of the garbage correctly and that all the tools are presented. Now your dog fence is safe for your pet to use once more.

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