How To Protect Basement Escape Window

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Basement escape window are a favorite break-point for thieves because the windows are low and dark. To secure basement windows ought to be the top priority for all homeowners. The most usual means to procure basement windows is to install window pubs. Assess the height and width of each window. Most window bars connected to the walls around the window with the screws or lag, so intruders can’t remove them.

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See the directions for locations together that will keep the security pubs to your walls. Some mounts are all on the sides a few also mount onto the top and bottom. As you indicate the mount hole locations with a 17, have someone holding this to you.

Drill team, with a drill and drill bit. Follow the directions for the drill bit and sizes. Hammer law protects law holes. Installed pub sets and mounts loosely with the manager. Loose cut back on law-groups using wrench and safety socket. Degree of security bar place and pull back on law-groups. A security socket having a technical mind that looks smashed. It makes it harder for a person to remove the basement escape window pubs for access.

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