How To Hide Wood Paneling Wallpaper

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Wood paneling wallpaper – You may have some wood paneling still in your home. Panels make your room dark and uninviting, but you can cover panels without having to take down. You can paint, you can use plain wallpaper or put up textured wallpaper can be painted. Either method of coverage will work with a little preparation, and your room can be updated in just one weekend.


Fill the grooves in the panels with frequent if they are 1/4 inch deep or deeper. Squeeze a thin strip of caulking in the groove and smooth with a trowel. Repeat until all the slots are filled. Let dry according to instructions containers. Sand wood panels lightly with fine sandpaper by hand. This will bring smooth surface outside panels. Wipe the walls with a clean cloth to dust the remains of the walls.

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Apply acrylic emulsion sizing, which will make the wood paneling wallpaper. Allow to dry per instructions. Hang paintable, texture wallpaper vertically. Cut a piece of wallpaper 6 inches longer than the vertical wall area to cover, by means of scissors. Soak each piece in a wallpaper water storage, allow to rest 10 minutes and apply each piece on the wall from top to bottom, pressing all over with a smoothing tool.

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Cut the top and bottom with a wallpaper knife at the edges of the trim. Place the other piece next to the first, making butt seams beside each other tightly. Apply two coats of acrylic wall paint on the texture wood paneling wallpaper. Allow to dry between coats.

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