How to Cut Plastic Fence Panels

Aug 26th
White Plastic Fence Panels
White Plastic Fence Panels

Plastic fence panels come in a variety of colors and patterns. It can be mounted to particleboard to form laminate countertops or it can be attached to the walls as a backsplash. Usually, the sheets used in a countertop are 1/16 inch thick. The laminated material for the walls is usually 1/32 of an inch thick. It can easily cut plastic laminate in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any need. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to fix an error, unless you cut the piece too large, so measure twice and cut once, as the old saying goes. Mark the places where you intend to cut the laminated plastic panels.

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Place a sheet of fine teeth on your circular saw. Cut the plastic fence panels along its marked lines. Insert a new laminated cutting blade into your knife. Keep a straight edge or carpenter’s edge along the front of the laminate where you are going to cut. Drag the knife along the edge to mark the laminate. If you do not cut very deeply the first time, run the knife along the straight edge a second time. Lift the narrow piece of laminate up to break it. Shave any excess material with the utility knife as the laminate sets in place.

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Mark the straight or curved lines that you intend to cut. Cut from the top side of the laminate. Remove the excess laminate with the scissors. Mark your cutting lines on the back of plastic fence panels. Cutting the back reduces the risk of damaging the surface of the laminate when it is cut with power tools. Mark and cut on the front side using the hand tools. Mark the cut line with a piece of tape. It is straight and easy to move if adjustments are necessary.             You can also cut laminated plastic material with a fine-tooth saw. Apply pressure with caution to prevent the laminate from breaking.

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