How To Clean Wood Plank Wall Paneling

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Wood plank wall paneling – Wooden wall panels can be a great addition to the many rooms in your home. It has the look of real wood, which can give the room a wood cabin atmosphere and feeling. It is also relatively easy to clean and maintain. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, you can enjoy your wood wall panels for many years to come.

But if your wood wall panels are very old, take extra care when cleaning so as not to over saturate the material or damage the panels. Dry the wood plank wall paneling with a damp cloth. The cloth should be slightly moist. Do not saturate the old wall panels. Mix water a cup, a cup of vinegar and 2 tbsp. olive oil in a spray bottle.

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Mist your wood wall panels easily with detergent and wipe off with a cloth. Buff in a circular motion to get more of a gloss on old wood wall panels. Wipe your old wood plank wall paneling with lemon oil if it still looks appealing. Lemon oil will give the old panels a shinier appearance, as when it was first installed.

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