How to Build a Shadow Box Wood Fence Your Own

Aug 4th
How To Build Shadow Box Wood Fence
How To Build Shadow Box Wood Fence

Shadow Box Wood Fence – Fences come in many different styles, but the best fence is looking for the shadow fence privacy box. They provide adequate privacy from their neighbors while looking professional and attractive. You can buy the sections of the fence to install, but building oneself is actually quite easy. Use a study of your home to determine the dimensions of your yard. You will need approximately 24 of the 1-by-6 pickets per 8-foot section, plus three of the 4s 2 to use as stringers. You will install a 4 by 4 post every 8 feet, to calculate your needs. Be sure to buy the pressure treated wood; Pine is very popular.

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Dig your post holes for your shadow box wood fence. You can use a post hand digger hole if you do not have too many holes to dig. It is necessary to drill the holes every 8 feet and at least 18 inches deep. Mix up to a fast setting concrete. Follow the instructions on the bag. When finished, cut the posts to a height of 5 feet 10 inches above the ground. Fill the gaps with dirt after the concrete. Use the 10d nails and your nail gun for fixing to the outer edges of the messages, checking to make sure they are level.

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Place the guide pins. Starting inside the fence, but your first picket against the 4 x 4 post (whichever is above the 2-inch post). Check to see that it is vertical and nail it in using the 6d nails. Cut a waste wood spacer; cut it 4 inches wide. Use this to know where to hang your next picket. Put the spacer against the first picket is hung and then splices your next picket against the spacer. Make sure the picket is plumb and pin it to the stringers. Proceed in this way along the inside of the fence. Move to the outside of the fence and repeat steps 5 and 6. Dye or paint your shadow box wood fence if desired.

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