Homemade 4 Ft Wood Fence

Aug 26th
Rustic 4 Ft Wood Fence
Rustic 4 Ft Wood Fence

4 Ft Wood Fence is a great way to keep pets on the farm and provide a safe area for the children to play. A privacy fence will increase the value of your property and provide extra security for your house. A typical self-employed person can install a homemade wood privacy fence around the perimeter of the farm within a few days. Check with public utilities and flag the property so that the underground tools are selected. This gives you a visual marker to show where the wires are located so you do not hit one while the postholes dig. Place a wood portion in each corner of the fence. Tighten a tight line between the bets.


Hammer in one game at each corner of the 4 Ft Wood Fence. Tighten a string between each game. Hire a gas-powered post whole digger to dig each post hole to a depth of 36-inches. Set a 4-by-8-foot pressure-imprinted insert in each corner. Pour concrete into the post hole around the post. The Tamp belonged the post when you put it straight and let it go. Add water around the post and the concrete will suck it up and the service will be set. Use a 4-foot level to check that the post is loose. Tie a string between the outside of each post. This will give you a guide line to set the remaining mail to. This will ensure that your fence is straight.

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Attach three 2-of-4 by-8sbetween each post. Place one on 9-inches off of the ground and one on top and then center one between the other two. Use a 4-foot level to make sure they are level and screw them into the 4-by-4s. Use 3-inch outer wood screw and a screwdriver for this step. Install a posting in each corner of the 4 Ft Wood Fence. Put a screw into the top of each of the spades. Stretch a strict line between the screws. This provides a line to set strike guards to. Screw striking guards to 2-by-4s with two 2-inch long outer screws per 2-by-4. Adjust the 3/4 inch screws from the side to help prevent the pin from cracking.

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