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Home depot basement floor paint – Finishing a basement adds space to your home. Before you think about installing a new floor on your basement, consider painting the present basement floor in its own place. Painting basement flooring may add color and style to a basement in a means that’s impossible in different chambers.

Allow to dry at least 12 hours. Lets 12 hours of drying time between the second coat of primer and the first coat of paint. Use a paint roller with a handle or a air compressor power painter to apply the paint. A brush is going to have quite a while and you cannot apply the paint evenly. Plan in 2 layers of paint and Permit at least 24 hours between coating and coating to depart the paint dry.Best home depot basement floor paint,

Home depot basement floor paint, ensure that your basement is watertight prior to starting. Cracks or holes in the floor with filler or concrete patch. Pick a day with a temperature and humidity to provide the paint an chance to wash properly. Before applying the primer, clean sweep. Whether there aren’t any grease stains on the floor, they need to be removed before applying primer. Utilize at least 2 coats of primer.

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