Excellence Dresser with Tv Stand

Aug 22nd
Tv Stand Dresser For Bedroom

Dresser with tv stand has become a new member of the family. The conclusion is not new, it comes from the sociological studies of the 1960s, when TV sets became popular and became the home entertainment par excellence. As much as tech gurus say that people are not watching TV, the truth is that they are still in good health as an alternative to entertainment. Even with the new smart TVs, you can interact with the Internet, social networks, and have an authentic on-demand program.

Therefore, when designing a room, it is important to know where to place the television set. Which fortunately, being flat screen allows many more options than those heavy appliances that prevailed until the late ’90s. One of the great advantages of modern televisions is that they are portable. Lightweight screens that can be accommodate anywhere in the room. In this case, the screen and the loudspeakers, a creation of Loewe Technologies, can be quickly assembled in a corner of the room, where it does not bother the circulation and which allow a good line of sight from the sofa set.

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In addition, the adjustable foot allows adjusting the height of the screen. So that the act of watching TV is as comfortable as possible. And if for some reason we want to have that free space. Then in second the screen and speakers are move to another sector of the room. A good way to have entertainment and take advantage of being in family on cold or rainy days. The dresser with TV stand screen has been mounting on top of the fireplace. Its allows a grateful generation of energy to make the environment more pleasant.

It is necessary to clarify a couple of details in the installation. It is suggest that the chimney is not wood but gas or with bioethanol, a fuel that emanates steam water. And that although it is not as calorific as firewood. It is safer, and it would prevent the smoke from ending up damaging the screen. Or worse, that the intense heat of the burning embers ruins the circuits of the TV. Another point to keep in mind is that the screen is not too high in the line of sight of people. This will depend on the height at which the set of chairs is located. It can be remedied if it is at a distance of at least three meters.

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More than TV, the place becomes a small cinema. Because the large screen, 50 inches, allows a great visual display for the whole family. For this, give the large surface area occupied by this appliance. A special module has been built, with the exact measurements so that the screen is the center of attention. On the sides, you can place dresser with TV stand multimedia equipment and even the speakers. Which when stored in modules with thin wooden plates. Do not prevent the propagation of sound. The module presents an aesthetic in tune with this modern room. With high quality wood and indirect lighting to illuminate the environment without disturbing the screen.

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