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Aug 21st
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It is a piece of furniture that has a long history. The current versions adapt to the contemporary lifestyle. Although they passed their times of glory, 10 drawer dresser continue to occupy a place in home life. The models of today are not the same as they were used in the past, but they keep the practicality of the traditional versions. The specialists say that it is about equipment that was used since ancient times. The oldest were, in reality, bunkers or low cupboards. You can still find models of the Renaissance (sixteenth century). In some cases they were of oak, very worked, with carvings or marquetry, and could reach up to 3m high.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it became common to use sets of two sideboards (one large, the other, smaller) and a showcase. Over time, the environments were reduced and there was a single one (in general, with straighter lines). Around the 60s, the modular ones appeared. As the name implies, they were made by modules; they included a sector to locate TV. The main utility of all these models was to offer a place to store the elements that could not be seen.

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In general, when a couple got married, they received gifts of crockery of more than 100 pieces, different types of glasses and quantities of tablecloths, without forgetting the varieties of cutlery. Hence the need for a spacious piece of furniture that, while helping to order, allowed to have on hand everything that was needed. But at present it is not fashionable to have such a large number of pieces destined to the rite of eating. In addition, the spaces are so small that 10 drawer dresser imposed another type of furniture: the multifunction.

They are used not only to place the dishes, but also other artifacts such as audio and video, as well as CDs and cassettes. In this way, they become an interesting alternative when it comes time to acquire a piece of furniture to store objects. The other is to have a traditional dresser and update it, adapting it to the lifestyle of the present. Before choosing them, it is important to take into account the needs of each household. When you need to store a lot of crockery or glassware, you should look for a piece of furniture with more internal doors and shelves.

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On the other hand, if the priority is the cutlery or the linen, you have to choose one with a greater number of drawers. Today there is a tendency for furniture to have several internal divisions, while the exterior is simple, with straight lines. In general, 10 drawer dresser do not exceed one meter in height. The amplitude of its capacity is given in the width. It is important to know that they can be in view, behind the doors or, simply, not exist. Of course, if you are going to store objects that are worth looking, it will be better to think about the first possibility. Regarding materials, wood and glass are the most common.

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