Dresser with Changing Table for Baby

Aug 13th
Best Dresser With Changing Table Ideas
Best Dresser With Changing Table Ideas

Dresser with changing table – In anticipation of the birth of a new baby, you have many choices to do, not least as the nursery interior. There are many options for preschool furniture, and many new sets include parts that may not fit your budget. Such an object may be a guard table. Fortunately, with some ingenuity and imagination you can give a bureau double duty by turning it into a changing table. You will not only save a bit of much needed cash, you will also free up some space in the nursery.

The dresser with changing table is an indispensable piece of furniture when you enter before the childhood, and many are surprised by how much time you actually spend on it. The changing table is not just furniture that changes the diaper on the child; it is also a perfect place to associate with the newborn baby, so it is important to choose a changing table that is fine, practical and safe.

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Choose a chest of drawers that are comfortable height and have ample drawer space. An unsuccessful piece is appropriate. Paint dresses to match the interior of the nursery, or Refinish it if you prefer. Cut a piece of 1-inch foam to measure the top of the dress. A sharp knife can accomplish this job, but an electric knife works well if you have one. Place the foam on top of the desk. Cut the fabric to the top of the suits top, add 2 1/2 to 3 inches to each side to accommodate padding. Any fabric that matches the nursery interior is acceptable. A good alternative is to choose a vinyl or plastic coated fabric that can stand up with moisture and other unintentional braces.

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Lay the fabric over the foam so that the edges extend under the top edge of the chest of drawers on all sides. Begin at the front of the office, and fold under the rough edge of the fabric so that it’s even with the edge of the dressing top. Attached with staples along the suits edge. Continue with the back edge, pull the fabric tightly over the foam. Continue to each side, milling the corners as if wrapping a package.

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Cut decorative lists to the length of the front and sides of the suits; add 2 inches to the length of the cover around to the back of the office. Glue the trim to the suits edge, which covers the staples. Trim should cover all chest edges and reach 1 inch on each side of the back of the office. Keep the trim in place until it begins to follow. And use the top drawer of diapers and change items. Always keep the child safe while changing him as there are no rails at the office.

A cool corner dresser with changing table should not only be practical and safe, but also fun for your child. Children often become very impatient during diaper changes, and therefore it is smart to invest in some kind of decoration, such as a fun bed mobile or soft animal face to the wall. It is also important to create cozy lighting so that you do not wake your tired baby at night with sharp halogen pots. A small table lamp with a light bulb is perfect.

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