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The art is usually the decoration typical of any diy living room wall decor, expressed through paintings, tapestries or murals, in which may be represented some classic or some famed stage. Another way to make a wall stand out is to place one of these pieces of art in XXL format so that it occupies the entire center. Of course, try to make the background color of the wall of neutral tone so as not to detract attention to the painting.

Although this kind of decoration reminds us of our adolescence and we associate it more with the rooms, we should not discard it to emphasize a central diy living room wall decor in the hall, the hall or the hallway. There is a wide array of subjects, including natural landscapes, detail images, popular places or famous cinema or television scenarios that may be ideal for some home environment. In this case, we also talk about giant posters that occupy the entire wall, making it the center of attention.

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DIY Living Room Wall Decor – The modern living areas can be decorated and transform countless ways and with various budgets. But, if what we want is to procure a place that reveals envy and the admiration of the guests, where in addition to good taste, breathe harmony, comfort, and personality, perhaps we need a little effort. Who has not had a poster of their idols in their room?

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