DIY Dressers Ideas

Aug 3rd
Diy Dressers To Benches
Diy Dressers To Benches

DIY dressers – Built-in cabinet and storage add a sense of luxury to your home and make the most of available floor space. You have a room with more than enough toilets, and would like to add built-in combined clothes storage, but you do not know where to start. Creating DIY dressers of drawers or chest of drawers is simply a matter of choosing the right furniture, creating a room for it in the wall and marrying it two.

Preparing to DIY dressers. First find a room to install your chest of drawers. You need enough open unused space behind the wall to accommodate your chest. You will also need to locate any pipes or cables that can stay in the wall. Probable rooms for your chest are in knee walls (the shortened wall along the sides of the attic rooms), under stairs, and in closets with plenty of extra space.

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Then buy or DIY dressers of drawers for the purpose. The main requirements are that it fits the room and that it has a flat front without overhanging trim on the top, bottom or sides. The easiest and most cost effective method is to buy a used coffin to the size you need. Trim off or remove anything that keeps it front from getting flat, with drawers removed. Once you have found that enough space is available and you have your chest of drawers, find studs in the walls. Use an electronic stud finder and mark the location of each stud in the entire section of the wall. Mark a rectangle 4 inches wider and 2 inches higher than the chest on your drywall instead of your chosen. A large drywall square works well for this.

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Use a stick saw, plaster saw to cut off drywall along the marked line. Be careful to keep an eye on any kind of electrical or plumbing lines you may have forgotten in your initial assessment. Once the drywall is removed, mark and interrupt any studs that are in your installation area even with the edge of drywall.

Install a horizontal header cut from 2 by 4-inch timber (or 2 of 6 if the existing frame requires it) between the two closest studs without your installation area, even with the top edge of the section drywall. You may need to remove and later repair additional drywall to access studs or they may be visible from behind the wall. If you work in a knee wall or other attic, you may also need to cut a piece of ¾ inch plywood to serve as a floor to support suits. If that is the case, nail it to the bucket where the suits will sit.

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Add 2 upright 2 of 4S from the wall’s bottom frame up to the header you have installed, even with the edge of the space you cut from plasterboard initially. Push dresses in place. Attach door clothing or similar trim to the sides and top of the opening, seam in 2 of 4S you have installed to cover the gap between the breast and drywall. Male the entire installation to customize the existing trim in the room.

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