Desk Dresser Combo: Style Mix and Match

Feb 9th
Modern Desk Dresser Combo
Modern Desk Dresser Combo

Desk dresser combo – Organization and practicality are the fundamental characteristics of a work plan that wants to make the order its pride. The desk drawer is an accessory of functional furniture that allows you to store stationery items. Also documents and everything you need to work and free creativity. The desk and his chest of drawers travel in pairs, coordinated in the same style, like a superhero and his faithful helper. Everything depends on the inspiration of the piece of furniture, the material and the needs of use.

For rustic style desk unit: prince of the desk dresser combo unit is wood. Which takes on different processes and nuances depending on the decor trend of the room; shabby chic desk unit: a desk unit inspired by shabby style will be tinged with light shades. With typical pickling scratches and the drawers will be replaced by small baskets covered in soft fabric. For boho style desk drawer: bohemian rooms will welcome a cherry wood desk dresser combo, with the intense reddish color typical of black cherry wood. These to match the riot of patterns and colors in the room; industrial style desk drawer: finally, in Industrial settings that prefer the use of raw materials.

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A desk dresser combo will be in metal and inspired by the models present in the old state offices. Even better if recovered – to be combined with a vintage desk. For every taste a style, for each personality a desk dresser, able to complete the room’s decor with elegance and charm, or character and personality. Desk drawer in bedroom? The desk dresser combo models are many and varied. But with a single basic requirement: contain and keep any accessories in order. Not only for the office, therefore, have the desk drawers found space even in the children’s bedroom.

Wide to the color and the colors decided to make the moment of reading and study more cheerful and lively. Inside the drawers of the desk drawer you will find pencils, felt-tip pens and many accessories for the school, organized in cloth or plastic containers. Even in children’s bedrooms, the desk drawer becomes the ideal place to free experimentation. And allow children to express the creative inspiration contained in their souls and hearts. Not only an exclusive workplace for adults, desk dresser combo also useful furnishing accessory for children at home. So, be careful to reserve so many accessories, pens, notes and books ordered in baskets.

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From elementary schools on, the long journey of study must be supported by practical furniture and cheerful colors, banishing to neutral shades. Such as white, gray and black, the liveliness of warm and witty colors. Desk dresser combo will be ideal to accompany your children in the most special moments dedicated to tasks and drawings. To make your house even more elegant and refined, give a touch of color to the children’s room. But above all to bring order to a work space that often risks becoming the kingdom of chaos, impossible to give up a desk dresser combo unit.

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