Design of Portable Dog Fence

Apr 25th
Wood Portable Dog Fence
Wood Portable Dog Fence

Portable Dog Fence can be found in many residential areas and business areas. To start the process of building this type of fence, you must have a plan. Well thought-out and carefully drawn building plans can help enormously in making these fence ideas become reality. There are some things you need to think about and decide before you start building. Length, gates and posture are just some of these considerations. Use a tape measure to calculate the current area where you want your fence to be placed. Write these measurements down on a piece of paper.


Determine where to build your Portable Dog Fence. This should be at least four inches in from the empty space. Draw the overall design of the fence on the Bladder Sheet (a large sheet of paper from your local office delivery or art store will do) including placement of gates. Add important structures for this drawing, such as buildings, trees and walkways, to be used as reference points. This is a preliminary draft drawing, so it does not have to be perfect at this point. Determine where you want the corner, gate and end post. These main posts are called terminal posts and are four inches longer than the “line” posts that keep the fence up. Draw and mark these on your drawing.

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Determine the actual width of each port. This measurement will cover the width of the gate, hinges and lock. Typical walk gates have 3¾-inch hinges and locks. Double-lane gates usually use 5½-inch lock and hinges. Each Portable Dog Fence is held in place by two terminal posts. Draw these sections and note the dimensions of the building plan. Calculate how many line posts you need. These should be evenly distributed between the two terminals, not more than 10 meters apart. For example, if there are 30 meters between terminal posts, space line posts 10 meters apart. If there are 36 meters between the terminals posts, the space they were 9 meters. Sketch these on your drawing and label them.

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