Decorating Interior Room With Carved Wood Panels

Antique Carved Wood Panels View in gallery

Carved Wood Panels – The decorative panels are a prodigy of the woodwork. From geographic areas that have traditionally worked in wood such as Thailand, Bali, China, Japan or Muslim countries, such as Morocco or Turkey, these wonders are the reflection of a culture and a tradition, based on the representation of nature and Symbology proper to their religions. To make these elaborate panels (square, round or rectangular) has been used, usually, solid teak wood.

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The complexity of these carvings makes them exclusive decoration pieces, which have become the object of desire of lovers of interior decoration. These precious wooden carvings can be used as a wall decoration, in the same way as a painting or decorative tapestry. On a bench in the hall or placed on a console or entry chest. His drawings, as mandalas, ply the piece of carved wood panels, with flowers, leaves that intersect and circles that frame each area.

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These beautiful wood carvings are finished with natural waxes, pickled tones or white paint, to give a more homogeneous finish and combinable with any environment. The natural finishes also have a wonderful ambiance decorated with accessories typical of the area of North Africa. If we combine carved wood panels, such as the ones we show you, with natural leather furniture and complements, natural fabrics (linen, cotton or wool).

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