Decorating Dresser as Changing Table

Apr 4th
Wood Dresser As Changing Table
Wood Dresser As Changing Table

Dresser as changing table – If your changing table has seen better days but is about to be put into use again, dress it up with some color and pizazz to welcome your new baby. Hide the table’s shortcomings with a new layer or two with water-based, which releases fewer chemicals than normal color and is safer for the child. Stamps or templates can add personality-or help you change from flowers and hearts to dinosaurs and trucks. Buy a baby-safe color for the changing table. A side matt finish is a good choice because it gives a little lust and is clean. Paint the table at least one month before the child’s maturity date.

Place a drop cloth or plastic foil on the floor and put the dresser as changing table on top of it. Make sure you have plenty of space to paint, with access to all four sides. Rough up the table surface with sandpaper to help the color to attach better. Sand light, with 150 or higher sandpaper. Do not remove previous finishes. Paint the table in your chosen color. You may be useful to use a small sponge roller in larger spaces but a brush in the corners and crevices. Allow the paint to dry according to label instructions and apply a second time if necessary.

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Use rubber or foam rubber stamps to decorate the dresser as changing table. Wide water based, non-toxic craft paint on the raised stamp pattern with a small brush and quickly push the stamp to the table. Lift without turning to ensure a good impression. Cut a regular household sponge to form a star, heart, spotty or other shape, dip it into craft color and push to the table. Lift without turning. Use templates to paint the child’s name or other phrase on the table. Keep the letter stencils in place with blue target tape and use a stencil brush to apply craft painting. Tapping the color on, rather than brushing it, will keep it from tapping under the stencil. Correct any mistakes by painting over stamping or stenciling with the color you used for the table. After it dries, try again. Protect your new finish with two layers of non-toxic, water-based clear polyurethane, grinding easily between the bearings. This step is optional but helps the color survive the nursery’s duty.

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A great idea is to use baskets to separate the different pieces: a basket for the bodies, another for the frogs. So everything will be located and well ordered. You can place in more accessible places those items that the baby uses most and, for example, in the upper part of the wardrobe, those that you do not need frequently. In addition to having everything organized and located, visually it is very harmonious. Use the bar to hang those clothes that tend to wrinkle more. Another way to take advantage of 100% of the space offered by the cabinets is to use their doors for storage. For example, an organizer hangs in order to have all the shoes on sight and in order. You can also put a small hanger to hang a dress or suit that you will need at the time. If the wardrobe is not too tall, you can use the top part to place boxes or decorate it with some toys.

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