Classy Black Dresser and Nightstand Set

Mar 26th
Nightstand And Dresser Set
Nightstand And Dresser Set

Inseparable companions of any bedroom, black dresser and nightstand set are that little detail that makes a room cozy. Much has changed the traditional design of these pieces whose functionality is multiplied as much as the space offers in which they are locate. And that is, behind were the days of pedestals and candle holders, bedside lamps with a simple foot and a tulip. Today these decorative elements go one step further and blend with the environment, up and down walls, ceilings and floors, integrate with the rest of the furniture. In short, acquire their own personality to become authentic examples of design.

Because whether you are a classic or if your definition is more modern. We are sure that we can show you the bedside lamp you need. In this book of ideas we present ten designs that will illuminate your imagination so that you can choose the most appropriate. Lamp stands with one or several arms, or any other kind of lamp, which is fixe on the wall. And, the truth is that the wall lamps are a variation of table lamps. Night of the most demanded. Their particular placement fixed on the wall makes them the ideal option for those who. In addition to using them as dim light inside the bedroom itself, use this lighting to dismiss the day, for example, with reading a good book.

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We have already said on occasion that black dresser and nightstand set have the charm of coquetry. So how can we resist a bedside lamp design like this? The tenderness of its shape gives this element a characteristic uniqueness. Making it the most appropriate option for those who enjoy romanticism at any time of the day. The eclecticism made bedside lamp. Or, what is the same, the result of using the trend of up cycling design. For its development is what we propose with this piece. A base reminiscent of traditional student flexes holds an old artichoke from which comes the light bulb that will give light in our bedroom.

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Paper is a material increasingly used in the design of luminaries although. Its version for bedside lamps, is not yet too widespread. This origami lamp, that is, made under the protection of this art of Japanese origin which. Translate into more familiar terms, is the Asian equivalent of origami. The folding of paper without using scissors or glue to obtain figures of varied shapes. Many of which could be considered as paper sculptures. Gives life to this piece that will fit perfectly in a bedroom in which it shares protagonist with a futon or panels Japanese.

We have started talking about appliques. But another alternative to the traditional system of lamps on the black dresser and nightstand set are these luminaries that. Far from reducing space on your nightstand, remain suspend in the air. Its installation on the ceiling creates a feeling of space reinforce by the neutral tones of the room. If you are looking to optimize the resources of your room, this may be the most appropriate option.

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