Cheap Solution with Exterior Basement Doors

Jun 13th
Curtains as Exterior Basement Doors

Exterior basement doors this happens when the house had settled and the windows and doors no longer fit properly. Every kind of gap, no matter how small, causes air infiltration. This caused the draft, which will have an impact on the set temperature in your dwelling. For this draft, there is a cheap solution. Door and window draft blockers effective in stopping drafts and very affordable. While a lot of folks use a snake handmade doors or old blankets to block drafts, this is just not as effective as the draft blocker.

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It’s important to invest in the draft blockers made from a material that is strong , such as polypropylene, which has been tested to block airflow. Interior should be filled with insulating material proved, such as finely ground corn cobs. It is necessary that the draft blockers are flexible to fit snugly under exterior basement doors.

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Exterior basement doorsdraft situation at home means that you are losing money. In actuality, studies have proven that the window and door draft may cause the loss of 50% of home heating and cooling energy. American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy shows that about $13 billion of energy is lost each year in the United States as a result of windy windows and doors.

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