Charming Bombay Dresser for Interior Home

Apr 14th
Pulaski Bombay Dresser
Pulaski Bombay Dresser

The bombay dresser is a piece of furniture that fits perfectly in any room, because with its distribution of six drawers in two rows you will have many storage options without neglecting elegance. Use it as comfortable in your bedroom to organize clothes to your liking. Or, if you prefer, make in your living room the protagonist of the house while jealously guarding all your personal items. Its straight lines design and neutral finishes show why the Nordic style is the decoration style upwards of the moment. Good furniture is expensive and old furniture is often built better than new furniture. Look at the sides of the drawers. If you see real wood with matched collections, you have a keeper.

Cedar coffins are commonly used to store bedding and clothes due to physical oil in wood that deters insects, moisture and advice. It is important for the inside of the chest to remain unfinished, leaving these important features back. For the outside of the chest there are many creative finishing options ranging from traditional to eclectic. The classic look of a cedar chest is to color what brings the natural wood look. If your chest is untreated you can move on and stain it. If it has a previous finish, shred the chest with a wooden furniture stripping product.

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When stripped choose a dark or light spot depending on your style and taste. Seal the stain by adding a protective layer of polyurethane. The stain and polyurethane can be found on most home improvement and hardware. Painting is another flexible and easy solution for finishing your cedar Bombay dresser. Before painting the breast it is important to sand it with fine sandpaper grain, if it has previously been polyurethane. Once you have dragged and wiped it down with a damp cloth prime the chest with a standard wood primer.

Any home improvement store carries this point. The only left thing is to choose the paint color you want and finish whether food or blank. If you are looking for a non-traditional look for your cedar breast there are many options. Faux finish such as mushroom painting can easily be achieved by dipping an ocean mushroom in contrasting color accent paint. Ragging is another finish. This involves taking a cloth and rolling it up, dipping it in paint and dipping or sweeping rag across the chest for a unique look.

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Stencils come in all sizes and shapes ranging from letters to flowers. You can use stencils and write your initials or names on the front or top of the Bombay dresser to a traditional look or use them to write a favorite phrase or word. For a more country look choose a stencil pattern of flowers and leaves. Most local craft shops carry a selection of stencils. Decoupage involves gluing pictures or carvings of pictures, leaves or special paper, and then covers it with layers of varnish to give a very unique look. This can be a time-consuming task, but the end result is a look really your own. Most local craft shops sell decoupage supplies.

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