Building Metal Picket Fence

Apr 16th
System Metal Picket Fence
System Metal Picket Fence

Metal Picket Fence remains a symbol of the traditional American home. A properly constructed fence not only helps to make a property but often increases its value as well. A technical advancement that simplifies the task of creating a stable built fence is the prefabricated panel. These panels are available in a variety of sizes and styles and greatly reduce the amount of work required to set up this type of fence. Select the location of your fence. Check your local government building standards. Make sure the fence will comply with all applicable rules. Use shovel to start the first post hole. Maintain 10-inch width all the way down. Loosen some stones and roots, using a dug bar.

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Place the post into the hole. Add 8 inches of soil to the hole and check the level with one level. Tamp the ground close to the bar with a stamp bar. Add another 8 inches of soil. Check for loads. Repeat this process until you have filled the hole. Set a brick line from the first post to the place where you will put the Metal Picket Fence first corner. Run a bet to the place. Wrap line around the stake 5 inches above the ground. Measure from the first post to the place where the first fence panel will end. Mark it with a screw.

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Slide the rails into the first Metal Picket Fence in the first post hole. Support the other end of the panel with wedges. If posts have no insertion, support the panel so the top rail is the level and the panel is two to five inches from the ground. Screw the rails to the insert. Place the next post in its hole. Make sure that its front touches the brick line. Slide the rails into the latch or tighten them in the post. Fill the hole in the same way as described in step 3. Use 2-1 / 2-inch screws to secure the rails to the mail. Repeat these steps for each panel.

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