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Look for bubbles form on seams and the surface. Peel apart, if possible, the layers of facial tissue, so that you have the tissue that is thinnest possible. Systematically add tissue in areas of air bed and look at the tissue to”blow” is carried by an air stream from the holes leak.

Blow up mattress in its point. Sometimes you find the leak by listening for a whistle as the air escapes, or by running your hand along the mattress to feel for a stream of air. Fill the spray bottle with warm water and a few squirts of liquid dish soap.

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queen air mattress are a great and economical way to make guests comfortable even when camping, or to use as a luxury. They are cheap and, without air, take up little space. They can be prone to popping or have holes large leaks, which can cause when used them to drain. Finding a pinhole leak on a queen air mattress just takes a few household items and a little detective work.

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