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Basement wall paneling ideas classic look is to cover the wall with square panels of richly finished hardwood, trimming out between them to give the wall texture. You are able to buy panels of 2×2 meters and in other formats, and sand, stain and varnish them yourself before you set them on the wall. Use your level to draw a grid on the wall to put them out, hang them with adhesive and trim nails. Hang milled trim in a cross pattern along the lines where the panels meet.

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Basement wall paneling ideas – Total wall paneling is normal to show unpainted wood meant, but that does not mean it can’t be painted. The panel gives a nice smooth surface to show what painting technique you would like to use. If you have really bad, wavy plaster walls, nail up a vertical framework for long 1x2s along the studs, shims behind them to make them plumb, and hang the panel’s right over them.

Wainscoting basement wall paneling ideas are coming halfway up the wall, then stops. Its original purpose was to protect the walls from being scuffed furniture, but today it is a decorating technique itself. You buy wainscoting in sheets, panels, cut to size with a table saw, and keep it in a level line around the room, generally between 32 and 48 inches from the ground. Apply it with carpenter glue and trim nails, and be sure to meet some studs. Border the top with the chair rail and the floor trim’s bottom.

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