Beautiful Dresser Painting Ideas

Aug 25th
Wonderful Dresser Painting Ideas
Wonderful Dresser Painting Ideas

Dresser painting ideas – The dressers are furniture that is no longer used as much as before, but almost all of us have one and almost certainly that dresser, unless we have bought it on purpose recently, it is also old. If so, and that old dresser clashes with the decoration of your home, it can become a great opportunity to decorate and make it fit with the decor. If you have an old dresser that is looking a little worse for wear, or you just want to decorate your existing furniture, consider repainting it. This will not only save money, but will recycle an item that would otherwise be discarded. An effect of zebra stripe painting complements a number of different styles, from safari-themed rooms to British-colonial style, and you do not have to stick to black and white. Try fluorescent pink or electric blue for a cowardly child’s room.

Dresser painting ideas, place the cabinet on a sheet of powder to prevent dust and spills from ruining the floor. Clean the chest of drawers thoroughly. Then, sand with a fine grade sandpaper. Move the sandpaper in the direction of the grain of the wood, to create a plane mistreated, textured surface for the primer to meet. If the furniture is painted, it can be painted over the top, but it is still a good idea to lightly sand the first commode. The wax can be removed with water, and wire wool. Fill in the deep scratches or indentations that accumulate over time with wood filler. Allow the loading material to set and gently sand to create a smooth surface. Apply a layer of wood primer to the entire dresser and allow it to dry.

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Remove handles the dresser. The paint of the handles either black or white before putting them on the completion of the dresser. Alternatively, replace the handles before painting them, and paint each handle the correct color in relation to the color of the area of ​​the dresser where the handle is placed. Dresser painting ideas with a white base coat for a realistic effect. Choose a bright, bold color, offering a funkier look. Alternatively, just select a color that complements the existing color palette in the room. Allow to dry. Study the images of the zebra prints so you have a good idea of ​​how the pattern looks.

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Cut a piece of masking sheet large enough to cover the top of the roll dresser. Masking the sheet is similar to duct tape, but it comes in a roll, allowing you to use large sheets instead of thin tape. Put the sheet on a flat surface, and draw your striped pattern on the backing paper with a pencil. Use a knife to cut the areas that represent the black stripes, leaving you with a template. Remove the protective paper and place the sheet on top of the dresser. Painting the exposed areas with black paint to create stripes. Remove the adhesive sheet and allow the paint to dry.

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