Basement Pull Up Bar ModelMore Images

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Build Basement Pull Up Bar

Bend back the pins so they wrap round bar, then bend hooks around the bar as closely as possible. If the pins aren’t tight enough to guarantee bar in place, wrap layers of duct tape onto the extra 3 inches of each end of the tube until there’s enough layers of duct tape to make […]...

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Awesome Small Basement Bar IdeasMore Images

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Small Basement Bar Ideas Lighting

Small basement bar ideas – A basement bar can be a place for you and your friends to gather for watching sporting events, parties or just a place where you can relax at the end of the day. One of the things that helps to add atmosphere to your basement bar is the ideal lighting. […]...

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Rustic Basement BarMore Images

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Charm Rustic Basement Bar

Everything made from rock ads to the rustic basement bar personality on your basement. Onyx there is, such as a clock constructed from a cross-section of onyx that the grooves of the rock are visible. Consider the rock lamps. Other attractive kinds of rustic stone include travertine, quartzite, sandstone...

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Cool Basement BarsMore Images

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Crazy Ideas Good Basement Bars

Good sound equipment is another requirement that any bar should honor. On this occasion, Canexel has decided to integrate music in a very original way in basement of House in Paracuellos del Jarama. This space, besides having a basement bars and a design that we love, includes a concert area. And at end ...

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Modern Basement Bar PicturesMore Images

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Finished Basement Bar Pictures In Sophisticated Style

A wine cellar is a way to supply a finished a sophisticated style. Winery requires a enclosed space, and isn’t difficult to make in a basement closet. Basements are great for wine cellars, as area helps keep wine cold. Or if distance is a problem, homeowners can purchase a small electronic wine fri...

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Amazing Small Basement BarMore Images

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Masculine Small Basement Bar

Make an elegant look to your small basement bar. Invest in some high quality bar stools at a wood that is glistening, full of leather cushions. Light up mirror supporting the shelves in your bar and reveal your glasses and crystalclear. Paint the walls rich colors such as forest green. Hang framed images...

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Basement Bar Designs And LayoutsMore Images

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Tips For Building Your Basement Bar Designs

Build a basement bar designs is a wonderful addition to any home, but decided to build a bar just the first step. Many decisions must be made to determine what the bar would look like, where it will be located and how much money you want to spend on such an endeavor. Basement bar designs– […...

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Basement Window Bars BestMore Images

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How To Install Basement Window Bars

Basement Window Bars – However, on many occasions people forget to reinforce the security of another of the points where thieves can access a home or a business very easily: windows. The windows, especially those of the basements or lower floors, are an easy point for the entrance of the thieves. T...

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Wet Bar Ideas For Basement AwesomeMore Images

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Planning Wet Bar Ideas For Basement

Consider using sinks walls, and shelves on the walls as part of your wet bar ideas for basement. Use bracing wall anchors and long interior screws and nails. The bar ought to be sturdy enough to support bottles. The shelves can be arranged by you at any way you want put in them or place […]...

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Amazing Basement Bar CabinetsMore Images

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Renovation Basement Bar Cabinets

If you would like to spend more time with your family, you may select basement bar cabinets to play in the area of underground. Your children will love for him and it will allow you to look over your children. Also, will permit your child to play in a security environment and service to. You […]...

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